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Cuando se dice 'es seguro que. .' y cuando 'está seguro que'?

  • Posted Feb 10, 2010
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2 Answers

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  • When using ser, you indicate that there's a predicate nominative.

In this case, you are are trying to say seguro is describing what IT is = insurance (In this case it becomes a noun)

  • While using estar, you express certainty or assurance. (Here it's an adjective)

Es seguro que = It is inusrance that / it is a certainty that

  • Está seguro que = It is certain that

Hay gran diferencias entre ‘ser’ y ‘estar’ see this link

  • Gracias, comprendo. Cuando 'to be' es seguido por un substantivo siempre se usan 'ser'. Verdad? - Siggaard Feb 10, 2010 flag
  • No, hay gran diferencias entre ‘ser’ y ‘estar’ http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/100040/ser-and-estar - bdclark0423 Feb 10, 2010 flag
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yo no esiendos

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