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I have some Penicillin tablets.On the bottle it has "tabletas 800,000 U" I was just wondering what milligram these are. All the translations do not convert it to milligrams penicillin. Thanks

  • Posted Feb 7, 2010
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Hi and welcome to the forum,

I have never heard of "U" as a unit. I have heard of "IU", which means international units. I try to answer medical questions and translations as much as possible. However, in this case, because it is dealing with the amount of medication you would want or need to take, I hesitate to give this answer.

I think it would be best to check with a doctor first. At the very least, please give me the name of the medication and I will look up the proper dosage for you.



  • The name on the bottle is Pota-Vi-Kin. Peniccilina-V Thanks for your kind answer. I have been taking these for years. A lady gets them for me in Acuna. I t is more dangerous goingto the doctor office than taking a few of these pills believe me. Thanks Bob - westtexasbob Feb 8, 2010 flag
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I don't want to overide anyone's recommendation that you ask your doctor (or pharmacist), but just for your information, this thread says 800,000 U is 500 mg.

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  • Thanks Quentin!! I should have figured that it was probably "UI" or reverse in Spanish, i'm guessing. - Nicole-B Feb 7, 2010 flag
  • The next question is "which" penicillin is it. There are some taken three to four times daily (t.i.d./q.i.d.) and some newer ones that are taken once daily. - Nicole-B Feb 7, 2010 flag
  • and the diagnosis Nicole - nizhoni1 Feb 7, 2010 flag
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Penicillin is not generally dispensed in milligrams. The "U" referes to units which is the typical measurment of Penicillin and a number of other meds. 800,000 units is about 500mg.

Penicillin is a dangerous antibiotic. Many people are allergic (my opinion is that with enough exposure, everyone becomes allergic), and just a trace of the med can cause a potentially fatal reaction. It is handled separately in the pharmacies (counting trays for dispensing penicillin are not used for other drugs).

The term Penicillin is used for a number of antibiotics derived from a mold called Penicillium. If someone is allergic any of these antibiotics, he (she) is assumed to be allergic to all of them.

Please do not self-dispense this med. It has valuable uses, but it must be taken properly--only under a doctor's direction.

If you have an old bottle that was prescribed for someone else or for an earlier infection, throw it out. It is probably old and of unreliable strength.

  • thanks Calvo. I never knew about the separate tray for counting pills. Interesting info. - nizhoni1 Feb 7, 2010 flag
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