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Can anyone explain to me why the pronoun is "le" when "pongo" is used? I think it means "To put for Ud"??

  • Posted Feb 6, 2010
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  • Sorry, I'm confused because the "le" and "pongo" are not the same (subject isnt the same as object) i.e. it goes against what I've learnt on reflexive verbs - booklova Feb 6, 2010 flag

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Poner is a transitive verb, this means there needs to be an object that receives the action, thus the use of le

  • (vs. the intransitive/pronomial verb ponserse which is considered reflexive such as me pongo el sombrero = I put on [myself] the hat)

So without much more context given in your case, it really just means I put it?

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The "le" in your sentence is an indirect object pronoun (equivalent to the "you" in "What can I get you?")

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