tengo problemas para encontrar el comparativo y el superlativode los siguientes adjetivos:clever,gentle,handsome,quiet and simple.

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clever, more clever, most clever listo, mas listo, mucho mas listo

clever could aslso be translated to inteligente...............................

Gentle, more gentle,most gentle.................I translate gentle as suave but.......

suave....mas suave.......mucho mas suave

The answer above, are just answered of the cuff,however, this question got interesting so I have to research it.

This is a challenge, I got to look it up. Most of the shorter adjectives -and some adverbs form the comparative by the simple adding,"er and the superlative by adding,"est" especially if they end in a vowel sound.

Thge comparative is used to shoow a greater degree or to compare two things.

The superlative is used to show a greater degree or to refer to three or more in comparision.



Cómo Gus escribí, siempre puede hacer estas formas con 'more' y 'most'. Pero con muchos adjetivos en Inglés puede añadir también '-er' para el comparativo y '-est' para el superlativo.

As Gus wrote, you can always form these with 'more' and 'most'. But with very many adjectives in English you can also add -er for the comparitive and -est for the superlative,

Entonces -

clever, cleverer, cleverest
gentle, gentler, gentlest
pero no con 'handsome' - usa 'more' y 'most'
quiet, quieter, quietest
simple, simpler, simplest

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