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How would I say ...for like my best friend?

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abrazos y besos

  • This is not common in Spanish aloshek. It's just a translation :) - Benz Mar 26, 2010 flag
  • I have recieved this from female costa rican friends: "te mando besos y abrazos", so I don't think its as uncommon as you think :) - cheeseisyumm Apr 9, 2010 flag
  • This is very common in the emails I receive. - --Mariana-- Apr 9, 2010 flag
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Since you asked "for your best friend":

"Te mando un beso grande"

"Un beso"


Cariños!! or "Muchos cariños"

... are all correct wink

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We don't say "abrazos y besos" hugs and kisses when we say goodbye in a mail. We say:

-Te mando un beso grande (Here goes a big kiss for you), for a friend or anybody you love wink

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y not con amor??? i said that 2 1 of my friends n she did not get mad?

Of course she will not get mad... but we say "con amor" just to someone you are romantically involved with, not to friends wink

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is it the same for the person you love?

  • Just feels different...jajajajaj - MattM Mar 26, 2010 flag
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I am fortunate enough to receive emails from a few Spanish lady friends and the most common ending is 'un beso' - it's very informal and less so than 'Te mando un beso.'

'Un abrazo' is less common in my experience but equally informal and friendly.

  • In English we just say X X X X X :) - ian-hill Mar 26, 2010 flag
  • Un abrazo is common when the email is man to man, but with women "un abrazo" is not common at all :) - Benz Mar 26, 2010 flag
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Es muy interestante. Como un estadounidenso, creía que "abrazos y besos" fue correcto. ¿Es "te mando un beso grande" en realidad de uso corriente?

Por favor, corrija mi español pésimo.

  • "Abrazos y besos" is not incorrect, but not used :) - Benz Mar 26, 2010 flag
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Todas las respuestas son correctas. La definicion va a depender en el uso que le quieras dar. Es decir, "te mando un beso grande" yo se lo diria a mi novio o esposo etc.Decir nomas: "besos" es muy informal. Mi hermana y yo cuando nos despedimos, nos decimos: besos! Te mando un beso grande tambien es correcto, y si, se usa actualmente. Again, it'll all depend on the context surrounding your message. But being Mexican myself, I can tell you that all the answers given here are correct.

  • thanks im salf mexican n idk it like at all :( - chasselb Mar 26, 2010 flag
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Abrazo= For a friend Beso= Friend, but who you like much Saludos= Regards Besitos= Kinda "love you" Chaucito= A polite "bye" Cariños= I like you, but I don´t dare saying "love you" Con amor= You are in trouble! (It´s love...)

  • y not con amor??? i said that 2 1 of my friends n she did not get mad - chasselb Mar 27, 2010 flag
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y not con amor??? i said that 2 1 of my friends n she did not get mad?

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