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how do you say I'm sorry in spanish

  • Posted Feb 4, 2010
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2 Answers

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  1. Lo siento (I am sorry, I feel it)
  2. Perdóname. (Forgive me)
  3. Fue sin querer (It was without intention, it was accidental, I didn't mean to do it)
  4. No quise hacerte daño (I didn't mean to hurt you)
  5. No lo hice a propósito (I didn't do it on purpose)
  6. Te juro que no lo volveré a hacer (I swear I'll never do it again)
  7. No quise ofenderte (I didn't mean to offend you)
  8. Quiero admitir un error (I want to admit a mistake)
  9. Perdóname. No sé en qué estaba pensando. (Forgive me, I don't know what I was thinking)

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Lo siento. I am not sure that is an apology or an empathic statement though.

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