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What is the difference between mirar, buscar and ver?

Also, please give examples for each one.

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Buscar is to search for something.

Mirar is to look at something.

Ver is to see something.

  • Occasionally, Ver / Mirar can be interchanged. - JulianChivi Feb 3, 2010 flag
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I've always seen mirar as to watch or to look, ver as to see or to look, and buscar as to search.

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Mirar means to look, but not how you look. Ver is to see but not to look at. Te ves muy guapo hoy. You look very handsome today. Buscar is not related.

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Buscar= to look for something Ex. Busco un buen amigo. Busco una moneda que perdí

Mirar= to look (paying attention to what is seen) Ex. Voy a mirar las fotos
Mira mi casa

Ver= to see Ex. Veo unos pájaros volando Veo las estrellas del cielo

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mirar - watch

buscar - look for

ver - view

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