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Dont use the spanish dict translator, it might be wrong -__- I need a latino to help :D

  • Posted Feb 2, 2010
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I'm not latino but I would say "Sé feliz". Sé is the tu command form of Ser - to be. Maybe a latino will chime in to confirm or deny this.

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Hola jjolie y Bienvenido a SpanishDict!!

I am not a "latino", but just because I'm not I hope that you won't disbelieve my answer (and in case you were wondering, I didn't use the translator) wink

In my opinion it would be "sé feliz".

¡Espero que esto les sea útil!

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Yo soy latino! smile actually you should say Hispanic... that is the correct definition smile The correct way is: Se feliz! if you are wishing somebody to be happy. if you are saying that somebody is already happy then you may use: es feliz

a formal way is Sea feliz for usted intead of tu....

and infinitive : ser feliz to be happy

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another way is sientase feliz! wishing somebody to feel happy for something that is temporary...

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