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Do you use le presento when you are introducing an adult or respected person? Do you use te presento when you are introducing a friend?


  • Posted Feb 1, 2010
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Assuming that te and le (usted) are both meaning "you" then the only difference is whether you are speaking informally or formally.

In general, your examples, might be correct, but realize that there are regional usages. Some regions restrict the formal use to high ranking government, court, church officials and use the informal for strangers and friends (ignoring age) alike. In those regions your premise would be incorrect.

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te s using the verb er, and le is using the verb ar

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Remember how you conjugate it: me te le nos os les

"Te" in this case coincides with the "tú" form, and is thus informal language. To introduce one person, formally, you would say "le presento." To formally introduce multiple people, you would say "les presento." Hope that helps!

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