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descripcion de la palabra alone

  • Posted Jan 31, 2010
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In what context?

Estoy solo = I am alone.

Hope this helps a bit....

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Hi, The word has a few meanings, most of which you are sure to find here in this thread....but also in a good dictionary.

For example: If you use the expression: to let someone alone. You are saying "dejar a alguien en paz". Do not bother that person.

You can use alone as a conjunction in a phrase such as this one: I would not let my daughter go to the Carribean with her class at school, let alone by herself.

In that sense you are saying " no la dejaría ir con los demás, y aún menos sola.

I might say of my Spanish: I cannot read Spanish, let alone write it! No sé leer y aún menos escribir.

One more: you will hear a phrase like this one: "Why can't he (or she) leave things alone? And the sense is figurative. In Spanish you would express it this way: ¿por qué no puede dejar las cosas como están?

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En Español, "Alone" significa "solo" o "sola".

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