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This is the title to an early Linda Ronstadt song - there are many translations of the lyrics on the Internet, but they are all exactly the same and are incorrect - they actually translate a different song (shows how little checking internet sites do, simply repeating what they already find elsewhere)

  • Posted Jan 30, 2010
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I am perplexed that there would be different translations... "Mi vida", as you know, is a term of endearment. Based on that, wouldn't you be looking at something like, "I'm sorry, my dear" or "I'm sorry, my darling"?

This probably doesn't help, but ... quien sabe? Maybe it does!

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Thanks very much - I thought that " mi vida" only could mean "my life" - didn't know of the other meaning - now the lyrics make sense, as the following line is "Yo se que ya terminos", so I'm thinking the whole thing would be:

"I'm sorry, my darling, You know it's already ended..." or something to that effect

Again - many thanks.

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¿No sería "Yo sé que ya terminamos?" I know that we are ending it?

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