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What does "Pico de Gallo" mean in English?

  • Posted Jan 30, 2010
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It's one of my favorite foods - nutritious, virtually no fat and very low in calories.

It is ubiquitous in Mexico and most times, it's a simple, finely diced salsa of red chile, fresh tomato, green chile, and white onion. (Those 3 colors are those of the Mexican flag, by the way.) A vigorously squeezed limón (or two) brings out the flavors.

Pico de gallo is everywhere at festivals, too. I like mine served dumped over spicy tortilla chips in the bag that's been slit in half.

Great snack, but the chips do cancel out the very low calorie content, doggone it!

  • Yeah, those chips are really a bummer! From one "chip addict" to another!! :) - mountaingirl Jan 30, 2010 flag
  • And yet another " totopo" addict, I make my own pico de gallo y totopos - pacofinkler Jul 16, 2011 flag
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I can't tell you how much I laughed when I finally figured out what that means in English. LOL

I grew up in California where Spanish was almost as common as English. And although I didn't learn to speak it while I was there, I was surrounded by people who did. Pico de Gallo was just another word, like Ketchup, Sandwich, etc.

But when I finally did start to learn Spanish and progressed to the point of being able to understand and translate words into English... Hah!

"You mean to tell me that for all these years I've been eating a dish called Rooster's Beak? LOL

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One of the big differences between this and other salsas is that the rooster beak is overburdened with raw onion and has no liquid. It´s not really a sauce at all.

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Beak of the rooster. More of a Mexican garnish than a salsa.

Because it has equal parts of onion, tomato and jalepeño peppers, it has quite a spicy bite. I think that is why they called it what they did.

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Hello, Sarahj! Welcome to the forum!

"Pico de gallo" is the name of a type of food, but it varies amongst Spanish speaking countries. I bet if you did a google search you will come up with much more detail than I can give you.

Hope to see you back here soon!

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Chicken lips. wink

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