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Hola, quiero aprender mas vocabulario para platicando con mi amiga. Cuales son unas palabras en espanol como igual que "sweetie" que puedo usar en conversacion casual sin sexual connotation?

  • Posted Jan 29, 2010
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6 Answers

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Mi amor, amorcita,amiguita

My love, lovey,friend.

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Querida (dear), corazón (heart - can be used to mean my love), bella (beauty), dulce (sweetie - though I haven't heard that used frequently).

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In Mexico, women friends often call each other "Gorda." In this case it doesn't mean "Fat," but simply an endearment among women.

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Without sexual connotion in the southern US I might use "honey" or "dear". With some women younger than myself I might say "girlfriend".This is kind of difficult because I think it would vary by age, ethnicity, geography and the type of social connection you have.

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I'm hardly an expert, but my guess is "nena" could work as well.

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Hi RaquelitaC I am an english speaker, living in Canada. I quite often use the word darlin or Cariño when speaking to someone that I care about. Don't know in any other regions but it works for me.

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