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Cómo te dices "root canal" en español (de México, si hay una diferencia)

How do you say "root canal" in Spanish (from Mexico, if there is a difference)

I tried the translator and came up with a couple of options, but neither one of them made sense to my friend.

  • Posted Jan 28, 2010
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4 Answers

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Aloshek, and a root canal is...??

  • something to do with teeth?? - 00494d19 Jan 28, 2010 flag
  • Sí, es un procedimiento dental donde se perfore en las raíces de los dientes - aloshek Jan 28, 2010 flag
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Try this link :-


Any use?

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Yessssssss, I knew it! jeje

This would be:

el conducto de la raiz de la muela (en el que se hace muchas veces una endodoncia)

I think that would clear things up. wink

The technica word is: conducto radicular

  • Traté "conducto radicular" pero mi amigo no entendía...hmmm - aloshek Jan 28, 2010 flag
  • Did you know what a root canal was before you had one? I remember still when I learned what it was/is..... - Janice Jan 28, 2010 flag
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And the winner is...endodoncia!!! Gracias a todos!

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