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I don't know what this phrase means and I can't find it anywhere!

  • Posted Jan 26, 2010
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6 Answers

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Al pastor is a meat that a lot of Mexican use to prepare food. so Los Tacos Al pastor is just a receipe.

Al pastor is a good meat a bit spicy Los Tacos...we all know what they are right.. smile

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Tacos al Pastor were originally called Tacos Árabes back in the 1960s in Mexico City. Thinly sliced, marinated pieces of pork are put on vertical shishkabob and cooked while rotating next to an open fire. They are served on small tortillas with sides of cilantro, red & green salas, and onions.

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I did some searching and learned that when Labanese immigrants moved to Mexico they brought a method of cooking lamb meat on a rotesserie. The Mexicans adapted this method and started cooking pork. It makes sense that they were called Tacos Arabes before. The word Pastor also has an affiliation with the word Shepherd. The word may have very well been derived from the combination of words Shepherd, Lamb and the Arab/Middle Eastern origination.

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Well, word for word I believe it read"the tacos to the pastor".That makes no sence to me, unless in the context of somthing like "take the tacos to the pastor." Can you give more context?

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This may have been brought up a while back and someone thought it was something the cowboys in Argentina ate.I cannot recall the thread however.

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Tacos al pastor = pork tacos

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