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strong text---------- this spanish girl had said to my boyfriend " q lindo en el bano and i want to no what she's saying to him

  • Posted Jan 26, 2010
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may be your bfriend was asking her to do something in the bathroom and she answered.. hmm que lindo... in the bathroom LOL LOL

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It makes sense in one context. Not to post here though. Cahntay, you should ask your boyfriend what did he do in the bathroom with this girl that she likes so much. Or maybe she wants to do it.

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qfreed said

Could she have seen him in a bathing suit? Baño also refers to swimming at the beach or pool.

Perhaps she saw him without a bathing suit in the bathroom.

Que lindo en el baño.

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I'm not a native speaker, so perhaps idiomatic meaning of this phrase alludes me, but to me it roughly means "how lovely in the bathroom."

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que lindo means: how beautiful or how nice in the bano means: in the bathroom.
however something is missing it doesn't explain what is so nice ...

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I am a native from Mexico and it sounds to me almost like she likes your boyfriend. Almost sounds as if she saw him using the bathroom or something... jejeje But where is she from? I have never actually heard this before. jejeje Also, it would make more sense if you knew what she was referring to... like... if she said "Que rico en el baño" it would make A LOT more sense.... jejeje

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there's no sense in this sentence "que lindo en el baño"..either a noun is missing or at least describe the context

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I, too, am not a native speaker, but I have spent some time with native speakers to know the general idea of context... Any phrase that starts with ¡Que! as an exclamation is descriptive and doesn't need a bunch of descriptive words attached. Therefore the phrase, ¡Que lindo en el baño! is referring to a wonderful time she had in the bathroom most likely not how the bathroom looks. And since she didn't add any description as to why she said that to your boyfriend he most likely understands the circumstances completely surrounding her comment.

lindo = pretty

This is the most common translation but it can also be used in this context: How beautiful our time together was! English speakers do not use the word pretty to describe time together but Spanish-speakers do.

Welcome to the forum and I hope this helps!

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Could she have seen him in a bathing suit? Baño also refers to swimming at the beach or pool.

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You have a good point Qfreed! "Swimming suit" is traje del baño but there is a chance she could have dropped the "traje" and still been understood. I think this stretches it a little further but it is still possible! It is amazing how little words you actually need to say when both people understand the context of what is being said...

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I'm pretty sure they are talking about the birds and the bees (no, NOT literally) in the bathroom.

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¡Que Lindo!, ¡Que Bonito!, are used when you are upset of something, it refers to the situation (ironically)

¡Que Lindo!, otra vez borracho y durmiendo en el baño

¡Que Bonito!, está vez dejando tu ropa botada en el baño

Otherwise, your expression is kind of, I don't know how to tell you, kind of... , you know, kind of... ... ...

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