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I need to how to say the word meatloaf in spanish for a spanish project that I am doing.

  • Posted Jan 25, 2010
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  • I love this...it is very random...just like me! :) - actorgirl Apr 17, 2014 flag

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Mucha gente dice, "pastel de carne" or "rollo de carne"...

El nombre varía dependiendo del sitio.

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meatloaf - Albondigón

  • That sounds like "large meatball" pan de carne or pastel de carne are suggestions. - 0074b507 Jan 25, 2010 flag
  • Yes, we call it "pan de carne". - 00e657d4 Jan 25, 2010 flag
  • That's funny because my son would not eat meatloaf so my wife disguised it as meatballs and he liked it. - Yeser007 Jan 25, 2010 flag
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In cuba we call it Pulpeta. I guess it depends where your from.

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alt text

  • Yummy. Hey Q, is there a Spanish word for that? :) - Yeser007 Jan 25, 2010 flag
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This word must be a borrowed word from English (Anglicism); "albondigón" or "albóndiga" is refers crassly to a (very) heavy/overweight/obese person...at least in México. It also means meatballs.

  • I voted for you, but there is no tie to English. I think it's an overuse of the suffix "on" where that means a very big something - pilipina Jan 25, 2010 flag
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My vote goes to "pastel de carne". Here's a recipe (en español): meatloaf

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Oh man, I never laughed so hard til you asked this question. The comments are particularly amusing. The other day I was wondering how you would say both pot roast and meat loaf. When interpreting, I have to think.... what is being said, how would you well describe something, when there is no direct cultural language interpretation. Well pot roast is a form of beef, and generally beef is just called "carne", so carne... carne... what? Roast is "asada", but "carne asada" is already taken, and it definately isn't pot roast. So I just said, "carne horneada", it's baked beef. Now for meatloaf, "pan de carne" describes it better than albondigón, because that has too much association to a meatball and sounds funny, like someone else said. Sounds like a big old meatball, good answers, this has been a fun one

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According to a native speaker here at least in Mexico it is "pastel de carne"

So I vote with the others that are on the same track.

In other countries it may well be different.

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Well, there is it in black & white - meat cake! hehe I wonder if another translation would sound better - loaf (as in loaf of bread). "hogaza de carne" (as in #2 below) ?

hogaza[o-gah'-thah] noun 1. A large loaf of household bread. (f) 2. Any large loaf. (f)

However, here's something that sounds like a meatloaf recipe, Carne Pan de Lujo.

I guess there are as many ways to name it as there are ways to make it! Have fun, everyone!

enter image description here

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Pastel de carne

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carne mechada

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Pastel/budín de carne.

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