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How do you say in English: no me saludes por mi cumpleaños anticipadamente que trae mala suerte:

I tried: not wishes in advance please, I've heard is bad luck.

Is it right? Do you have a politer idea (I think sounds rough)?


  • Posted Jan 23, 2010
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3 Answers

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I would say: Please don't wish me happy birthday early because I've heard that it's bad luck.

"not wishes" isn't grammaticly correct though you could say: No wishes in advance please. I've heard it's bad luck. (if you say only "is bad luck" you have a verb without a subject which is incorrect)

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I would say something like, "Please don't wish me a happy birthday in advance. I've heard it is bad luck."

Out of curiosity, is this true? I have never heard of a belief like this in the US but maybe other countries believe it.

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I hope in Canada (where I am right now) is neither a belief nor a true fact, because I received birthday greetings and my birthday is on monday.

Anyhow, in Argentina people believe that and we'll never know if it is true or not....

thanks for your very useful answers.

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