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How do you say are you going to afterschool today? and how do you say is __________ here today?

  • Posted Jan 22, 2010
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4 Answers

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How do you say....?

"Are you going to_______ after school today?"


"Is __________ here today?"

¿Vas a verb infinitive después de escuela hoy?

¿Está name presente hoy?

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I got a question too :D. How do you say please in Spanish? How do you say, I tried but I couldn't find this anywhere, this is what I did so far in Spanish? :D We are a jolly band of helpers who want to learn Spanish or English just like you, not tutors to give you all the answers :D. Welcome to the forums by the way.

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are you going to afterschool today? ¿Vas despúes de la escuela?

  • Ah, I misread the meaning of the sentence completely. - 0074b507 Jan 22, 2010 flag
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thnxs gus & gfreed

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