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Please explain how to say "would", "would have", "could", "could have", "should", and "should have" in Spanish.

  • Posted Jan 21, 2010
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Please explain how to say "would", by itself doesnt mean anything you have to add a verb to get a word and always is gonna end in ia comeria jugaria correria pensaria gustaria, etc "would have", menas tendria or habria "could", modal menas podria but also used in past pude "could have", podria tener or podria haber "should", deberias and "should have" deberias haber or deberias tener

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  • That is only true if one is using the conditional tense. The imperfect subjunctive can also be used. - 0074b507 Jan 21, 2010 flag
  • Please don't use words like "gonna" on this forum. We have English students here. - 0074b507 Jan 21, 2010 flag
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It depends on the context.

Normally, you would use the conditional tense (indicative mood), but there are contexts where the imperfect tense, subjunctive mood is used (especially in IF clauses).

Hubiera and quisiera are imperfect tense, subjunctive mood of Haber and Querer.

Quisiera (querer) is one of three verbs in Spanish that are also used for making polite requests.

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