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I need to describe some clothes and fabrics in Spanish for my job and appart from the colours (that is the easy part with all the claro and oscuro) I also need some terms to describe the qualities (like silk, cotton, velvet) and the patterns (like striped, see-through, etc). I will need both the english and spanish terms with the right spelling.

Feel free to add any additional information I might need.. Thanks!

  • Posted Jan 20, 2010
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3 Answers

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Silk = seda; Cotton = algadón; Velvet = terciopelo; Striped = a rayas; Nylon = nylon or nilón; Fabric = tejido or fábrica; See-through = transparente or diáfano ; Light weight = lijero; Heavy = grueso (actually means thick)

Hope these help


  • Also: Soft = suave - CalvoViejo Jan 20, 2010 flag
  • thanks a lot CalvoViejo!! - zac11 Jan 20, 2010 flag
  • Cotton = algodón - LuisaGomezBa Jan 20, 2010 flag
  • just a comment, in Spanish fabrica = factory. fabric = tela. - Shrek Jan 21, 2010 flag
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You can find most of these yourself just by typing them into the dictionary box. Give us a list to start with and I´m sure people will be happy to add.

I think see-through is "fino" or "transparente".

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Hey, thanks a lot to those who helped. Since english is not my first language, it is hard for me to write a list of the terms that I need. again, thanks a lot Calvo,you helped me a lot, indeed. If someone knows any website or link that would be great, too.

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