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santana has a song called "oye como va". what does it mean?

  • Posted Jan 19, 2010
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It's an interesting question here because "oye" usually means "hey" and "oye...como te va" means "Hey....how's it going?" but "Oye" is also the command form of oír. In this instance I would think that "Oye como va" means "Hear how it goes" but that is just my interpretation. Good luck.

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But in this case it´s not s a greeting, because it´s ¨oye como va mi ritmo, bueno pa´gozar, mulata¨

So, it´s like Tjforte suggested: (something like this)

Listen how it goes

my rhythm

Cool to enjoy yourself


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"Oye" literally means "listen (up)", but the way I would translate it is "hey". "Como va" means "how does it go?" So, basically it's "Hey, how's it going?".

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Oh! I'm so sorry! The second response it totally correct! I didn't see the tag to your question. For the song it does mean "Listen/hear how it goes" (like the beat, I guess...I have to look into the lyrics).

But, if someone does say to you as a greeting "Oye, (pause) como va?" then you can use my explanation. wink

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Please listen to the legend Celia Cruz Haga Click

or what about the original "Tito Puente" Haga Click

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Moe Hola a todos:

Taken out of the context of Santana's song, "¡Oye! ¿Cómo va?" might be interpreted to mean "Hey! How's it going?" But, taken in the context of the surrounding words, it means "Listen how the beat (or rythm) goes."

Here are the first two lines of the song: "Oye como va mi ritmo Bueno pa' gozar, mulata"

In the context of the song, "Hey! How's it going." doesn't work. Notice also that in the written lyrics, there is no tilde in "como" suggesting it is not used in the interrogative sense. If it were a question, it would be written "cómo." "Listen how the beat (or rythm) goes." works with the song.

Interestingly, see this performance by Celia Cruz ----> Celia Cruz - Oye como va

Some may say "Listen how the beat goes" is not good grammar. Erleichda (erleichda means 'lighten up' in an unknown tongue) , it's a song, poetry if you want, it transmits or transfers an emotion, not necessarily good grammar.

Muchos saludos/Best regards,


  • Great answer, Moe. Especially to lighten up. I listened to Celia's version. I still prefer Santana's, but that's just me. - Winkfish Nov 21, 2014 flag
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Here are the complete lyrics to the song, all nine of them. One of my favorite tunes. Oye como va mi ritmo Bueno pa gozar mulata.

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Rate this answer: Vote Listen how my rhythm goes It's good to enjoy, mulata Listen how my rhythm goes It's good to enjoy, mulata

"Oye" is a command to listen. "Como va" means "how it goes" "Mi ritmo" is simply "my rhythm" "Bueno pa gozar" is a shortening of "bueno para gozar" and is common street useage in Mexico (ie. Tijuana). It means "it is good to enjoy" or "it is good for enjoying".

Please note that "Mulata" is probably a nickname for a light skinned black girl (had a white and a black parent). raspberry

  • I don't think Oye is a command. To me, it sounds more a word you use to get the attention of someone, but I don't see it as a command. - juanmelgar May 28, 2014 flag
  • oye is in the command form of the verb "oír" which is why it is used to get the attention of someone. - breencita Nov 21, 2014 flag
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As with any language, slang doesn't translate literally. Mexican Spanish has differences from country to country and area to area. Oye como va is translated loosely as " how you doing? My music is good for parties, girl." You don't even need to know the translation to enjoy the music and good feelings of Santana's music!

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Translation: Listen to the way my rhythm sounds. You can have a lot (with it = the rhythm) girl.

Mulata (literally means "mulatto girl) but shouldn't be translated so literal... so "girl" is best for the meaning to come across. Tito Puentes (the author of this song) was a world renowned percussionist, so I would think that as an artist, he is saying: " this beat that I've created sounds so good that you've just got to hear it... and once you've heard it, you're gonna love it!"

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Couldn't It mean "Listen to how it goes? It makes sense to me!

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  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oye_Como_Va - sanlee Dec 5, 2014 flag
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