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santana has a song called "oye como va". what does it mean?

  • Posted Jan 19, 2010
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"Oye" literally means "listen (up)", but the way I would translate it is "hey". "Como va" means "how does it go?" So, basically it's "Hey, how's it going?".

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Oh! I'm so sorry! The second response it totally correct! I didn't see the tag to your question. For the song it does mean "Listen/hear how it goes" (like the beat, I guess...I have to look into the lyrics).

But, if someone does say to you as a greeting "Oye, (pause) como va?" then you can use my explanation. wink

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But in this case it´s not s a greeting, because it´s ¨oye como va mi ritmo, bueno pa´gozar, mulata¨

So, it´s like Tjforte suggested: (something like this)

Listen how it goes

my rhythm

Cool to enjoy yourself


  • I am the one that suggested that it is "Hear how it goes." He suggested "Hey how is it going" then deferred to my response. - jeezzle Jan 20, 2010 flag
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It's an interesting question here because "oye" usually means "hey" and "oye...como te va" means "Hey....how's it going?" but "Oye" is also the command form of oír. In this instance I would think that "Oye como va" means "Hear how it goes" but that is just my interpretation. Good luck.

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Here are the complete lyrics to the song, all nine of them. One of my favorite tunes. Oye como va mi ritmo Bueno pa gozar mulata.

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Rate this answer: Vote Listen how my rhythm goes It's good to enjoy, mulata Listen how my rhythm goes It's good to enjoy, mulata

"Oye" is a command to listen. "Como va" means "how it goes" "Mi ritmo" is simply "my rhythm" "Bueno pa gozar" is a shortening of "bueno para gozar" and is common street useage in Mexico (ie. Tijuana). It means "it is good to enjoy" or "it is good for enjoying".

Please note that "Mulata" is probably a nickname for a light skinned black girl (had a white and a black parent). raspberry

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