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I want to know what saquen una hoja de papel means? does it mean to remove asheet of paper, write on a sheet of paper, or take out a sheet of paper, etc.?

  • Posted Jan 19, 2010
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Surely none of the dictionary suggestions would allow us to translate your phrase as to write on a sheet of paper.

I would think "remove" could only be used in the sense of "removing a piece of paper from a drawer in order to use it or give it to someone, for example. But in English, we would not use "remove" that way....we would say "take" or "get".

In other words, my understanding of the verb sacar leads me to think that "take out" or "get" a sheet of paper is correct.

  • Good Answer! 'sacar' in this sense is definitely 'to take out' - bdclark0423 Jan 19, 2010 flag
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Yes, I agree with Janice. Just as you would say "sacar buenas notas" for "to get good grades," you would use it in this situation here. Furthermore, when my teacher tells our class to take out our homework, she says something along the lines of "saque la tarea por favor." I realize that this is rough in the extreme, but, I think it conveys the point I am trying to make.

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My teacher uses the phrase a lot. It means to take out a sheet of paper. smile

sacar=to take

una hoja de papel=a sheet of paper

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