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I work in a hospice, and when I get a call from a spanish speaking person I have to ask questions as to what I can help them with, one of them being: Do you need "medical supplies"? implying diapers, ointments, gloves, etc...

  • Posted Jan 19, 2010
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6 Answers

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¿Puedo ayudarle con algo? - Can I help you with something?

¿Con qué puedo ayudarle? - What can I help you with?

¿Qué necesita? - What do you need?

Suministros médicos, artículos médicos.

¿Le hacen falta suministros médicos? ¿Necesita artículos médicos?

Hope this helps.

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"¿Necesitas reservas medicas?" would be the textbook answer, but don't take my word for it - I'm not a native speaker.

-Hope this helps, Alex.

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I would say "suministros médicos" as a general name. "Artículos para medicina" is other way to say it.

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suministros medicos

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Material médico, también

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material medico is right

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