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How do you say "She casted a spell on the castle and everyone who lived in it?"

  • Posted Jan 18, 2010
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3 Answers

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Here's one way(quickly translated via translate ) (sorry I cheated!)

Ella fundido un hechizo sobre el castillo y todos los que vivían en

  • You shouldn´t finish your sentence with a preposition. Look at the translator again. - Eddy Jan 18, 2010 flag
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Hechizó al castillo y a la gente que vivía dentro del castillo.

  • I am not too sure whether the "del castillo" is required here. - Eddy Jan 18, 2010 flag
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Well, I don't know about the Spanish translation. But, I think that it should be "she cast a spell.." not "she casted spell..."

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