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What is the differance between "Esta" "Este" and "Estan"

  • Posted Jan 17, 2010
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  • Thanks for asking! I asked that question a week ago and no one posted an answer! - Laurenk Jan 17, 2010 flag

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Hi Anthony,

Welcome to the forum. I will try to answer your question, but I fear you have left off some tildes, otherwise known as accent marks. This will make a big difference in my answers.

For instance, esta is the feminine form meaning "this".

But está is a form of the verb estar in 3rd person singular, meaning he/she/it is.

Este is the masculine form meaning "this". It's also the word meaning "east".

There is no word estan as far as I know, but there is a word "están", which is a form of the verb estar, this time in 3rd person plural, meaning "they are".

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Esta means this ( feminine) este means this ( masculine) Estan means these ( feminine)

  • Yes for esta and este, but estan? No. You mean estas. - Goyo Jan 17, 2010 flag
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Este also means east.

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