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How does a person express the thought " might as well"?

Thank you

  • Posted Jan 17, 2010
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3 Answers

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HI doug, welcome to the forumsmile

might as well....

Será mejor que

We might as well take a break.

Será mejor que hagamos una pausa.

¿Por qué no hacemos una pausa?

Vamos a hacer una pausa, anda....

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We might as well take a break. Será mejor que hagamos una pausa.

Please expand on this reply. If I were to translate your Spanish sentence back to English, I would never use "might as well". Rather, I'd say "We'd better ..." or "We'd do better to ..."

"Might as well" suggests that in the absence of a better course of action, it doesn't matter much what we do (but, absent clear benefits from any particular course of action, why not do whatever is simplest/most convenient?"

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I know the meaning of "might as well" Samwink

But I cannot think of a better translation.

"Are you going shopping with me?" "Oh, I guess I might as well" implies a sense of resignation in the second person's attitude.

Así que aquí por ejemplo diría: bueno, a falta de tener algo mejor que hacer...¿por qué no?

En fin, complicadillo.

Lo mismo: ¿por qué no hacemos una pausa? Que es más o menos lo que dije antes. Ah, ES lo que dije antes también.

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