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I want to phone a dentist in spain and ask how much a dental veneer is going to cost. All I need is the correct word for a dental veneer. Thanks, Chris.

  • Posted Jan 17, 2010
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  • Bit late reply, but a carilla cost me 74€ today in Castilla la Mancha! - GerryLawson May 13, 2016 flag

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The dictionary here at the site gives several words for "veneer": laminado (m) chapa (f) ; fachada

One of the entries for veneer in Gran Diccionario Oxford is: "capa" or "barniz" de algo

(...the "algo" would be a tooth) "Barniz" more likely refers to "varnish" or "nail polish" though...not the right kind of "veneer" in the context.

  • You're right and this case, you could say to the dentist, "capa de porcelana." - JulianChivi Jan 17, 2010 flag
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veener dentales

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I found "carillas dentales".

  • "Carilla" is 100% correct (just had one today). Note the difference to "funda" since this is just one side (coming from "cara") - GerryLawson May 13, 2016 flag
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