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In spanish there is a word called ruca or rucca i dont know how you spell it and its not in the dictionary so how am i supposed to find out what it means in english?

  • Just curious, is this the correct spelling because I have NEVER seen it spelled anyway but "Ruka"? - DJ_Huero Apr 19, 2011 flag
  • In the book that I just read, it was spelled, "ruca". It was from Mexico. - theredqueen Apr 28, 2011 flag
  • I'm giving you a vote. The question is very interesting and meaningful. Thanks, :) - viejito Aug 24, 2012 flag
  • In the western U.S. In the 50s Pachucos of the day used it to refer to a girlfriend ( a mom was jefita-little chief). Mexicans also used it to mean the same or as "old" depending on the context. Pachucos were generally American born 1st or 2nd, now called - Quixotic8 Oct 29, 2016 flag

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I think in Mexico it can be "old lady", or "my lady"... I am not sure. Where I am from it is an endearing nickname.

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I am fromm Guatemala and I am goin to answer your question.

"Ruca" means "old lady" but, it is impolite to tell a woman "ruca"

many people say RUCA to their mother or RUCA to their wives.

but as I said before it is impolite and sounds bad.

  • I asked the chicos at work and they said it means hole. This would confirm what I read in a long strang trip by Denis mcnally pg. 375 where he cites bob weir as living on a ranch by the name of Rukka Rukka. It got the name from joke about a girls ass - Tomobedlam Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • It also fits with the lyrics to waiting for my ruca " I know tonight ill be behind her." - Tomobedlam Oct 26, 2012 flag
  • Correct, it is used as reference to a girlfriend but not used directly to address them. That would indeed be disrespectful - Quixotic8 Oct 29, 2016 flag
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I also believe it refers to "old lady" or a slang term for "wife". i am reading a short story by Eduardo Antonio Parra, and the word is used to refer to the wife of one of the characters.

Here, in the US, it can be bad or good. I think this depends, honestly, on where you grew up and your "social class".

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Ruka is indeed mexican/ chicano slang, meaning "ol' lady". It's kind of a Spanish equivalent to the street slang phrase used in English "...my ol' lady..." Not very affectionate to most. My ex hated it when I called her that with my homies.

For instance:


A-"Ey homez, you wanna chill this weekend?"

B- "Naw wey, estoy chillin con la ruka"


A- "Hey homie, you want to chill this weekend?"

B- "No dude, i'm chilling with the ol' lady."


Intentional Spanglish (not Spanish) and English translations given because the people (in the US or Mexico) you hear use this will 90% of the time be speaking Spanglish.

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There are several meanings in Spanish. Please look up RAE dictionary.

  • para que veas, no lo he oido nunca - 00494d19 Jan 17, 2010 flag
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Si se siente muy frustrado como resultado de tantas significaciones, es normal.

La pablabra se usa en muchos países. Y, en cuanto a la significación y la ortogafía de país en país, es possible que hayan cambiado también

De materiales impreso, y publicado de la universidad de Mexico…ruco,ruca …se usa como un adjetivo. Significa “worn-out”.

Como mi amigo D J Huero ya dijo...

Cuando se usa “modismos” la palabra puede cambiar de nuevo. Por ejemplo: En Mexico…Se usa para describir (como adjetivo) la mujer. “Mi ruca”’ puede significar …My old lady..or My worn out old lady”

If you feel very frustrated as a result of so many meanings, it is normal.

The word is used in many countries. And in terms of the significance and the spelling from country to country, it is possible that they have also changed.

From printed and published materials of the University of Mexico... ruco, ruca.. .is used as an adjective. It means "worn out".

As my friend D J_Huero already said…

When using "idioms" the Word can change again. For example: in Mexico...It is used to describe the woman (as an adjective). "My ruca" ' can mean...My old lady..."or My worn out old lady"

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Here in Baja it is used by women to refer to their friends in the same way that the guys use güey. It is slang. I have not heard it used by men to refer to their partner/wife/girlfriend. For that the common terms are vieja/flaca.gorda.etc.

My girlfriend who is a retired school teacher refers to all her female friend by using ruca.

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I'm pretty sure that's Mexican slang. It means girl or girlfriend.

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This word is often used by Mexican cholos to refer to cholas, or specifically, to their woman.

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