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que significa "we're off to never never land"

  • Posted Jan 16, 2010
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Never never land is from Peter Pan (a children´s book) -- it is the land where fantasies come true and no one gets old.

So if someone is off to never never land, they are taking a vacation to a place where they can do only fun things all day long, have adventures, and basically be in paradise.

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It means "We are going to Never Never Land (mythical place in Peter Pan story).

"We´re off" is slang for "We are going to".

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From Enter Sandman, Metallica:

we´re off to never never land = Nos vamos para la tierra de Nunca Jamás

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We're off to = We are going to - Vamos a .....hacer algo

Never never land = La tierra del sueño (en el contexto de la canción)

Entonces, efectivamente:

Nos dormimos

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