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acentuar - to accent, to stress; to accentuate, to emphasize

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Hay que acentuar la importancia de aprender idiomas en el mundo contemporáneo.

We need to emphasise the importance of learning languages in the contemporary world.

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Ten cuidado con el verbo "acentuar", que se acentúa el "u" en el tiempo presente, tal como en el subjunctivo presente.

Be careful with the verb "acentuar", because the "u" is accented in the present tense, and also in the present subjunctive.

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El canguro acentuó que ella no puede quedarse pasado las once.

The baby sitter stressed that she cannot stay past eleven o'clock.

  • :-D LoL Canguro! Serious! That's how to say baby-sitter!? I had no idea. jajajaja. - chaparrito Jan 12, 2010 flag
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Acentuo la importancia de la puntería a mi hijo cuando usa el baño.

I stress the importance of the aim to my son when he uses the bathroom.

  • ¡Me recuerdo de esos días! - kattya Jan 12, 2010 flag
  • jajaja, "Acentúo la importancia ..." - Carlos-F Jan 12, 2010 flag
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Mis padres siempre acentuaban la importancia de una educación liberal completa.

My parents always stressed the importance of a well-rounded liberal education.

  • Feedback welcome - not sure if "completa" is the best choice for "well-rounded" but it's all I could find. - LaBurra Jan 12, 2010 flag
  • maybe "pozo redondeado"? - nizhoni1 Jan 12, 2010 flag
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Acentúo el acento en el tiempo presente porque me ha avisado kattya! Gracias a ella! Otro ejemplo del valor que ofrece este sitio!

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Estoy trabajando con mis los hijos a acentuar el volumen grande es muy malo . I am working with my children to stress large volumen is bad.

  • Are you trying to refer to obesity/being fat? - nizhoni1 Jan 12, 2010 flag
  • I am working with my children to stress obesity is bad. - nizhoni1 Jan 12, 2010 flag
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Do you think black lipstick would accentuate the color of my eyes? Piensa usted lápiz de labios que negro acenturía el color de los ojos?

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Or would a conjugation of "creer" be more appropriate?

  • definitely! ;) And I think creer is better... you´re just asking for an opinion, not a well-thought out position - kattya Jan 12, 2010 flag
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Es muy importante para acentuá higiene mas en estos días.

It is very important to emphasize on hygiene more on these days.

  • I think if you removed both "on"s the sentence would make more sense in English - nizhoni1 Jan 12, 2010 flag
  • Welcome Ozgeutan! Hoş Geldiniz... I learned some Turkish once but it was a long time ago... - kattya Jan 12, 2010 flag
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Algunas personas quieren acentuar sus cuerpos con cirugía plástica. ¡No me gusta belleza falsa!

Some people want to accentuate their bodies with plastic surgery. I don't like false beauty!

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Hay que acentuar en destacar las habilidades en lugar de las falencias.grin

We must emphasize on skill instead highlight the flaws

  • We must emphasize skill instead of highlighting flaws. - nizhoni1 Jan 12, 2010 flag
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