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¿Qué es una oración?

  • Welcome to the forum! "Oracion" is either "prayer" or "sentence", depending on context - mountaingirl Jan 10, 2010 flag
  • THANKS, but I need to find out what a sentence is made up of in spanish. - Klarrissa11 Jan 10, 2010 flag

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Just highlight the word and double click on it.

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A prayer.

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Una oración en espñol se compone de un verbo y un sujeto. Usualmente, el sujeto se indica por el verbo. También, se pueden haber objetivos, cojunciones, adverbios, adjetivos, etc., tal como en ingles. Lo mínimo es el verbo.

A Spanish sentence consists of a verb and a subject. Usually the subject is indicated by the verb (it's not written or spoken). Also there can be objects (direct or indirect), conjunctions, advers, adjectives, etc., just as in English. The minimum is the verb.

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