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I've actually used this greeting with friends. But its exact meaning eludes me.

The dictionary gives hints, but no clear definition.


  • Posted Jan 9, 2010
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  • It's slang so be careful about precise translations "Qué ona" literally is something like "what frequency/vibration/wavelength" But in colloquial it's pretty simple: "what's going on" or "wtf" - yoloy Sep 16, 2015 flag

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[There are several previous threads on this if you care to search. Here is one.][1]

[1]: Qué onda!

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Indeed it does mean all of the above, but it does seem to carry a bit of baggage with it.

I used it the other day with my young Mexican barber with whom I've become friendly. And he frowned.

I asked why, and he said, "Por aquí, es utilizado por malvado, jóvenes chicos que son conectados con el traficantes."

"Around here, it's used by tough, young kids that are connected to the drug trade."

He continued, "Y usted es ni jóvenes o un traficante."

"And you are neither young or a drug dealer."

And I thought I was being **"cool!"

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Thanks for the link, gfreed.

I figured it meant "What's up?" or "What's happening?"

Close enough...

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"Around here, it's used by tough, young kids that are connected to the drug trade."

And that just emphasizes to me that slang is best learned by imitation. When in Rome... grin (Of course where would the fun be if we didn't go out on a limb now and again to try new expressions. tongue laugh Good for you volpon! I'll bet you won't forget that phrase now!)

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Estoy confundida, podemos usar este frase o no?

  • Sure, but it is always safe to use it (or other informal expressions) with people who have used it themselves. ;-) - chaparrito Jan 23, 2010 flag
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Yes, you may it use it,with your friends.

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