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There is a new word my class is learning in spanish and im just wondering if que suenes con los angelitos had more meanings or not. Thank you for your help.

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It's just a caring way to say goodnight to somebody "Que sueñes con los angelitos"/"Sleep with the angels". It's like saying "have a quiet and nice sleep" . It doesn't have any other meaning....

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  • Well this meaning would be when you say it to a kid but for an adult it has a different meaning. - narcmart Jan 24, 2014 flag
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The verb soñar con means to dream of, so it literally means "That you dream of little angels." But it is the equivalent of "sweet dreams" in English.

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The sentence omits the lást words to make it more funny, or kind of like that. The complete phrase is like this "dream with the little angels and tomorrow you tell me how I look with wings" so the real meaning of just saying "dream with the little angels, sueñas con los angelitos" is dream with me, but you say this to a person that you don't feel to comfortable yet, and bacause you are starting to know each other, flirting. Word by word translation "que sueñes con los angelitos y mañana me dices como me veo con alas" "That you dream with the angels and tomorrow you tell me how I look with wings" I hope you understand, Spanish is my language and I know sometimes is hard to catch on something and nothing better than the explanation of somebody that is its natural language.

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