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rolleyes smile

  • I am not sure that this an appropriate topic on this forum. Also please remember to post in the correct category and use capitalization :) - sunshinzmomm Jan 8, 2010 flag

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Dispersión de Rayleigh. smile

  • Thanks, Lorenzo. Made me scurry off to Google. Very interesting fellow, Sir Raleigh was... - 0057ed01 Jan 8, 2010 flag
  • Legacy of a misspent youth :o - lorenzo9 Jan 9, 2010 flag
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¡Qué pregunta fascinante! He aquí información cabal:

¿Por qué el cielo es azul?


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Welcome to the forum. This is a great community for learning English and especially Spanish. Why not take a moment and read over the rules so that we can better help you with your questions.

Bienvenidos smile

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Porque el cielo es azul.

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This is an amusing thread. (The responses, that is...)

Let me also welcome you, Zmai.

Your profile says you live in Serbia, and that you are learning both English and Spanish.

What a brave challenge you're undertaking.

Good luck!

¡Buena suerte!

How do you say that in Serbian?

PS: I've seen some really good Serbian movies, by the way.

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