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How do you say "out of town" in Spanish?

  • Posted Jan 7, 2010
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3 Answers

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soy en viaje.... (I'm traveling) soy en viaje para trabajo (I'm traveling for work) soy en viaje para vacaciones (I'm traveling for vacation)

  • I don't know if there is a "out of town" saying. - icanrideawav Jan 7, 2010 flag
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Using the three translators on this site will all give you the correct answer (and the same one less an article in Bebelfish)

  • translators say: "fuera de la ciudad" (what if you don't live in the city?) - icanrideawav Jan 7, 2010 flag
  • Where is it that you live, then? A village? = fuera del pueblo. A neighborhood? = fuera del vecino. Normal reality = fuera de la realidad :) - bdclark0423 Jan 7, 2010 flag
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Sorry Emily, i wanted to add to my answer that if there's actually something else you are trying to say, other thant just 'out of town' as canrideawave is suggesting, then I'm sure we can figure something out for you

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