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Which is correct?

  • Posted Jan 6, 2010
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"Permíteme" is the familiar singular command for "permit me" or "allow me". You would use it with someone you call by his/her first name, such as: "Ana, permíteme hacerte una pregunta" (Ana, let me ask you a question.)

On the other hand, "¿Me permite...?" is a polite way of using the formal singular "you" to ask a question. You could also say "Permítame", which is the formal singular command meaning "allow me" or "permit me". For example, "Señora, ¿me permite hacerle una pregunta?" (Ma'am, will you allow me to ask you a question?)

I hope this clears it up for you.

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Me permite means he/she/it allows me.

Permitarme is a command, as is permitame. (Using the subjunctive)

What would you like to say?

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"Can I/May I", In a polite way. The way I am wanting to use it is in this scenario:

I have a friend who is Mexican, she speaks English, but her parents don't. I'd like to be to ask for her POLITELY.

Can I say,

Permitarme hablar con Gabriela, por favor?

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¿Me permite? does work fine as a question to ask permission, and it's good in a formal setting.

Either that or "Con permiso" prior to "hablar con Gabriela, por favor? should work out well for you.

I think "Permitarme" might be considered telling them rather than asking them.

And don't forget to say Gracias! smile

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Me permite and permítame... you might use it with a person older than you. Permiteme..might use it with your friends or a person of your age.

e.g. Señora, ¿me permite ayudarle? Señora, permítame ayudarle.

Permíteme intentarlo.(this saying it to your friend or a person of your age)

Ésto por no ser "igualado" al dirigirte a una persona mayor.

im a spanish native speaker... c u

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