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turn around

  • Posted Dec 25, 2009
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A person turning their body around? Darse la vuelta.

Me di la vuelta- I turned around

Date la vuelta - (you) turn around

  • dese la vuelta (formal command) date la vuelta (informal command) - 0074b507 Dec 26, 2009 flag
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Date vuelta.

Dale vuelta.

  • dale vuelta is incorrect. It could only mean "you turn him around" using the leísmo. da must be an informal command for the pronoun to be attached. - 0074b507 Dec 26, 2009 flag
  • Or Dale la vuelta a la silla? - 003487d6 Dec 26, 2009 flag
  • What is this in English? le can't refer to the chair, even the leísmo is for masculine nouns. - 0074b507 Dec 27, 2009 flag
  • Le is referring to the chair actually, yes. Dale vuelta a la silla = Turn the chair around [Give the turn to the chair] So are giving(verb) a turn (direct object) to the chair(indirect object.) - 003487d6 Dec 27, 2009 flag
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Seriously dude? that sounds so wierd.... date vuelta.. Is that like...a really weird form of volver? Gives you to turn around.....date vuelta....man that's weird.

  • A vote for me is a vote for righteousness. - jeezzle Dec 25, 2009 flag
  • It's weirder in English! Around what? The globe? A clock? Around nothing! Just turn around - 003487d6 Dec 25, 2009 flag
  • lol....join Spanishdict Community on facebook dandi, you want to. - jeezzle Dec 25, 2009 flag
  • Already did :P - 003487d6 Dec 25, 2009 flag
  • Not the Spanishdict group, the Spanishdict Community group. - jeezzle Dec 25, 2009 flag
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Below is an interesting discussion on darse la vuelta. The original question was whether the diacritical accent mark on the formal command dé remained when you attached the reflexive pronoun se. Is it dése or dese? The accent isn't needed, but then neither was it needed on dé except to differentiate it from de. One reply said it was dese, but the argument quickly changed to whether the la was needed. It seems that in Spain it is darse la vuelta and in some L.A. countries it is darse vuelta.

dese or dése?

  • gfreed is correct. You have to have the "la" in there as well. At least that's the way I have always heard it. - songstress78 Dec 26, 2009 flag
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Voltear is used to say turn around, like if you are turning around to see something from behind, coming at you from a different direction, esp the head.

Escuché que la puerta se abrió y bien rapidito volteé a ver quien estaba.

I heard the door open so I turned around quickly to see who was there.

  • So voltear is faster than darse la vuelta? - 003487d6 Dec 27, 2009 flag
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How about: girate?

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Webdunce said - How about: girate?

Unfortunately "girar" can mean to spin so this command might suggest you want someone to keep turning until they are giddy. Now there's a word I haven't had to write for a while and had to double check the spelling, hehe.

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