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what does "que bien" mean

  • Posted Dec 25, 2009
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"How good!", or "excellent!"

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I have friends (all from Mexico) who use bien as you mentioned. It's in place of 'muy' to mean very. Estoy bien cansado. etc.

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From what I can tell you can add "que" to the front of pretty much any adjective and it makes it an exclamation...

For example 'que bonito!', 'que rico!' and 'que chingon!' are things I hear all the time.

On that note, I also believe that "bien" can be used similarily, but is a bit less of an exclamatory and more to just add a bit more power to a statement... for example I hear "bien rico" and "bien chingon" alot as well. Like... la torta es bien rico.

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Yes adding "que + adjective" means "How etc..." "Que bella" = "How beautiful". However, I have never heard of bien meaning how when in front of an adjective so I looked it up. As far as I can tell "bien rico" seems to mean "very good/well". Bruno esta bien rico! Esta chica baila bien rico! So it seems to mean "very good/very well". Almost every phrase I have seen that uses it has been vulgar though so it may not be a mainstream use.

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I usually only hear 'bien rico' to refer to something that's really delicious. I've not heard your usage of it before.

That being said, the bien thing is definitely slang... and potentially just some very local Veracruz slang only my friends use. However, I hear this usage a LOT.

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Ok an expert in the chatroom just confirmed that "bien rico" means "very good" or "very sexy".

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Fair enough, I'll just chalk up the bien thing to something weird my friends say.

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Alright - I've been back in Mexico in a little while. I noticed there is a coca cola ad campaign which goes "Bien Fria" that I see all the time, and I just kinda remebered this thread. I think this is evidence that it is a valid usage of bien. (Also, now that I started listening for it... I hear it all the time. Bien bonita, bien sudado, bien roto etc)

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