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I have a box of allergy that is in spanish. please translate.

  • Posted Dec 23, 2009
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  • You may want to be sure you understand exactly what you are taking and how, seems like you crossed the border to pick up some cheaper meds (a smart idea if you know what and how) - Danieljoseph Dec 23, 2009 flag

3 Answers

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sounds like "that which the doctor prescribed" or "follow your doctor's directions/advice."

Is it part of the directions for taking your allergy medicine [capsules/tablets]?

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A box of allergy?? Don't let it out! Keep it in, do not open! Anyways, if you could provide some context I might be able to give a more accurate translation, but it says, "Whatever your doctor indicates/prescribes" So if you could type whatever else it says I could tell you what it's referring to.

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  • la que el médico señale
  • la que el médico indique/prescriba/ordene
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