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I'm wondering what the song title, "Mi burrito sabanero" means.

  • Posted Dec 20, 2009
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7 Answers

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It is "my little plains donkey" song transcription here

It has also been translated as "my grassland donkey" alternate transcription

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Burrito Sabanero - Mean Donkey from the Savanah or desert or plain. "Mi Burrito Sabanero" is a Christmas song in which a boy travels to "Belen" which is Bethelehem in Spanish. He is traveling to the manger to see Jesus.

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My small plainsman-donkey


My plainsman-burrito (burrito: flour tortilla folded and wrapped around a filling (of meat, cheese, or beans))

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Sabanero sounds like the translation for cowboy. What a cowboy burrito is eludes me.They are much to big to wrap in a tortilla grin

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Maybe it's a little cowboy that rides around on a little donkey.

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Well, sabana in Spanish means Blanket. So we always thought it was a donkey that hauls loads of blankets... Love this song!

  • I think that in this context sabana means savannah in English, not bedsheet. (sábana) - 0074b507 Dec 7, 2010 flag
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I'll admit that if I heard someone say that, I would hear it as "burritos habaneros" red face

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