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please help me!

  • Posted Dec 18, 2009
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3 Answers

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Do you mean the movie? Why don´t you try posting a sentence, and we´ll help you with it. (In any case, I certainly don´t know what you like about them!)

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me gusta/n is translated more like "I love" or "I like" whether me interesa/n is more like "I am interested in"


Me gustan mucho los animales.

No me gusta nada el pescado.

La ecología me interesa mucho.

Me interesan mucho sus videos.

  • Actually, "me gusta/n" litterally translates: "interests me" and "me interesa/n" translates: "interests me." - gadjetman Dec 18, 2009 flag
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Me gusta "Los Increíbles" (la película).

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