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'George Lopez' always says ''no que no'' and I can't find a definition anywhere. Help!

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It can be like "I thought it was a no" "I thought you said no". For example: Let's say that you said that you did not like chocolate ice cream, then somebody insists you to try it, you refuse to try it and says no way... then they keep insisting, you tried the ice cream, and then you say, ok I like this ice cream, then the other person would say "no que no?"... like you said no before, but now you say yes. I hope I explained it right.

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I think it means not that

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HI greg, welcome to the sitesmile

We really need a sentence here, this cannot be answered without context.

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Well, I always hear that on his show "George Lopez" whenever he talks to someone and they are saying something different or out of the ordinary. He'll say something before it like "Don't you know...(insert here)...¡No qué no! I don't know if there is a tildé on the "e" but I figured I'd add it just in case. I hope that helps, and I get my question answered/ smile Thanks.

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it means "you didn't want to accept, to give away, but at the end you did", also you make fun of such situation.

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