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Hello, how do you say happy holidays to someone in spanish?

  • Posted Dec 17, 2009
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  • Welcome to the site, PaulaV. Good question! - 0057ed01 Dec 17, 2009 flag

7 Answers

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At this time of the year many of us would say "Feliz Navidad" - Of course this, unfortunately, seems to cause offence to some narrow minded people.

  • Does that arguement of Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays happen in spanish too? Bleh. - Lasairfiona Dec 17, 2009 flag
  • not everyone who speaks spanish is catholic or christian. Like the person i'm going to wis a felices fiestas!! thanks everyone for your replies! - PaulaV Dec 17, 2009 flag
  • I know that Paula but ............. - ian-hill Dec 18, 2009 flag
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Felices vacaciones.

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Could we say "feliz días de fiestas?"

  • feliz may well have to be plural - Eddy Dec 17, 2009 flag
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In Mexico it is definitely "Felices Fiestas"!

And - felices fiestas a todos en Spanish Dict!

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Y en México, dicen "¡Felices Fiestas!" con frecuéncia.

Eso es porque hay una fiesta virtualmente cada día.

¡Que maravilloso!

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Felices fiestas

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What about if you were going on your annual holidays for two weeks?

  • vacaciones - samdie Dec 17, 2009 flag
  • It's a bit odd, actually, since "holidays" derives from "holy days" and dates to periods when there was no such thing as "a vacation" . - samdie Dec 17, 2009 flag
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