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I would like to know how Nosotros and Nosotras should be used in a sentence. What are the rules for them to be used in a sentence?

  • Posted Dec 16, 2009
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Hi Goals. Here's a link to the Personal Pronouns lesson in the Reference section.

This is what it says there:

Nosotros, nosotras (we)

  • Use nosotros/as when speaking about a group of which you are a part.

  • The only difference between nosotros and nosotras is in gender.

  • Nosotros is masculine and is used to refer to a group of men only or a group mixed of men and women. (Even if there are 99 women and 1 man, still use the masculine form.)

  • Nosotras is feminine and is only used when the entire group is female.

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Very simple "a nosotros los hombres nos gusta el deporte" y "a nosotras las mujeres nos gusta comprar muchos zapatos" note how the gender fits

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If you are a man, you are likely to never hear nosotras or nuestras, since you would be in the room and, by rule, the masculine form must be used. I've been speaking Spanish for 30 years now, married to a Colombiana. Having been in many social settings where only Spanish was being spoken, I have yet to hear nosotras or nuestras used.

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Nosotros (m) and nosotras (f) can mean

we or us

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