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A ver, A ver.- What does this mean?

I know whe someone says, "A ver" it can mean like "Let me see." But in the context of my book that's not what it's meaning!

  • Posted Dec 15, 2009
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I agree with dandi that it is the best translation... in context: José is just considering in his mind what was told to him by Francisco. It's just his thinking out loud, processing in his mind what the information.

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Hi Thaibean,

I believe that it means "OK/alright" like enough already, and is used as a filler phrase

So the whole thing might be "OK, OK" or "alright, alright"

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I believe it translates as "let's see.".

"A ver, a ver.. ¿Qué quiero de comer?"

Let's see, let's see. What do I want to eat?"

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In english A ver means to see

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But in the context of my book that's not what it's meaning!

Maybe if you gave us the context we could help.

  • I posted the context in the next post! That will probably help! - thaibean06 Dec 15, 2009 flag
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Here is the context!:

Francisco: Mañana viernes, voy a ir al centro con Ana. José: ¿Con Ana? A ver a ver. ¡Fantástico, Francisco!

(Aventura - DVD Program Manual)

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This is not meant to contradict what Dandi or Adelita has already said, as I believe that Adelita is a native speaker, and I am sure likely has a firmer grasp on little nuances of the language such as this one, but here is a link to a reference that describes several uses of "a ver" including:

• let's see

• let's check

• well

• hold on

it also lists this for "a ver, a ver"

atencion or escuchen as in "a ver a ver ¿Qué esta pasando aquí?"

Used as an interjection, this seems to be more like "Hey, hey." or "hey now"

What do you think? Does this make sense to you?

  • sí, sí, sí! de acuerdo... that is the correct meaning, but in the context of this it does not have to directly translate "a ver". I mean, there is a "sense" to the phrase that is more than the literal meaning. me explico? - adelita89 Dec 15, 2009 flag
  • Yes that makes sense! Thanks! - thaibean06 Dec 17, 2009 flag
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