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s there a meaning to the term "panchita"

  • Posted Dec 15, 2009
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8 Answers

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It is only used as a proper name for a feminine person.
A derivative diminutive for PANCHO of which the diminutive is PANCHITO.

Pancho or Panchito is used in some Latin American countries for "HOT DOG" the wiener in a bun...

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I have heard it used to describe somebody with a bit of a beer belly,by natives of Michoacan, and Zacatecas too.

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no, not necessarily.

Panchita is not a proper term

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I am sorry to say that this is used in Spain as a despecitive form.

  • Heidita, what does despecitive mean? I can't figure this one out. - aloshek Dec 15, 2009 flag
  • Can't wait to see this one! I'm betting on "disrespective"...aspersion, villification. I see an empty stool in the dunce corner. - 0074b507 Dec 15, 2009 flag
  • Upon further thought my guess is "deprecative" - 0074b507 Dec 16, 2009 flag
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In Mexico, a very common, similar term is used, "panzón/a," which means someone with a big belly. It comes from the word "Panza" = belly.

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If that is the case it should be "panzita"

Unless used as baby talk like saying ¡Mira la panchita del nene!

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Francisco = Pancho = Panchito

Francisca = Pancha = Panchita

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OMG, this time it was not a spelling mistake, I mean, most of the time it is not even spelling but typing. But this was ....I thought you could actually say:

depreciative (despreciativo)

Oh, well, this is what I wanted to say.....I can see now I said:

despective (wrongly typed as usual)

I was thinking of "despectivo", sounded very English....jeje

Well, what I really meant was derogative!

omg....now that is really something! I must have seen or heard this a hundred times, and it is not listed either, it has to be derogatory. confused

Quentin, deprecative is not even listed in WR, now how was I to know that even existed? jeje, in any case, as far as I can see that means something different.

Sorry, even perfect people like me make mistakesraspberry

  • depreciative works, derogatory is easier to spell so it gets my vote. - 0074b507 Dec 16, 2009 flag
  • :) We all make mistakes, I just wanted to know what you meant because I figured you would have the correct answer for the topic! - aloshek Dec 16, 2009 flag
  • jjjejejejejej, quentin,made me laugh out loud!! - 00494d19 Dec 16, 2009 flag
  • Aloshek, I wrote a PM to you some time ago, I wonder if you got that...? - 00494d19 Dec 16, 2009 flag
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