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What does desmadre mean?

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The dictionary definition is over simplified for this. Around here "desmadre" is a way of saying "messed up" or a closer translation would be "screwed up".

"Tienes realmente desmadre eso." (You really screwed that up.)

Oopps! After I posted this I realized it could be misunderstood -- I did not mean "nizhoni" -- your response is certianly correct. This was just a example that came to my mind. I know you understand. Not to worry I have never come out of the "dunce corner".

  • Sorry, but "Tienes realmente desmadre eso." doesn't make any sense :/ - InésDelRío Mar 16, 2010 flag
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There's been some debate lately about what is appropriate on the site. see: :adult content. I'm not entirely sure whether the word should or should not be allowed but I didn't want to see your question get deleted, Neago. Just because it's in the dictionary doesn't mean that it's appropriate language. I know people who would never say that word around children....the word "madre" in many contexts is considered bad language in Mexico.

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HI alba, always appreciate this kind of pointing out a thread which may be of bad content. wink

However, desmadre is used so commonly in Spain that I cannot think of a situation where this could not be used. I mean, this is a word, you can hear in any kind of everyday conversation.

The word madre in itself, not the same thing. to say: tu madre....can be under certain circumstances, and we don't want to go there!, extremely offensive.

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The word 'desmadre' is considered bad language in Mexico. You only use it around friends but never ever in a formal occasion zipper.

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Thanks to everyone for your input on this.

It fascinates me to see how different the meanings of words can be depending on the country where they are spoken. This seems to be yet another of those words that is perfectly innocent in Spain but has become taboo in Mexico.

I just asked a Mexican friend what her opinion is and she said, "Desmadre es faltar el respeto a los demas." I asked, "¿Entonces un niño no debe de decir la palabra "desmadre"? She said, "No, porque es malo."

I'm curious as to whether there are other countries where it is considered offensive or if it's generally okay everywhere but in Mexico.

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The dictionary has a few good definitions: chaos, confusion, wild party to name a few. welcome to the forum. I took a couple of words out of your heading to make the word more searchable in the future.

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Now, if we use this word on this site... it gets bleeped out?


  • Really? It's in the Spanishdict dictionary. - mountaingirl Mar 16, 2010 flag
  • I guess if this post doesn't get deleted we'll find out if it's acceptable. ;) - alba3 Mar 16, 2010 flag
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InésDelRío said:

Sorry, but "Tienes realmente desmadre eso." doesn't make any sense :/

My Spanish does not make sense a lot of the time. Thank you.

How might I have said it?

Also as I stated "The dictionary definition is over simplified for this".

Your response is correct about where to use this word -- but is is common.

  • Realmente tienes un desmadre. Realmente estás haciendo un desmadre. - alba3 Mar 17, 2010 flag
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