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What the word "dimelo" mean?

  • Posted Dec 13, 2009
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4 Answers

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I think it means tell me it/say it to me.

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Tell me it/ Tell me...I'm guessing you've been listening to some Enrique Iglesias?

Basically, the word is comprised of 'di' which is imperative, so say/tell, then 'me', so say to me/tell me, and then 'lo' which means that the person is asking you to tell them something...I hope that makes sense!

  • Thanks! Its the last word in R. Kelly's song "#1" - wordpro Dec 13, 2009 flag
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Dimelo means tell me and has nothing to do with the verb dar...trust me

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di is the past tense of "to give", so it means "(he) gave it to me"

  • If it was not "tell "(command), then the pronouns would not be attached. You cannot say "gave it to me" as a command. - 0074b507 Dec 13, 2009 flag
  • "He gave it to me" would be "Me lo dio", with the pronouns on the front. And "di" is "I gave" so "Me lo di" would be "I gave it to myself." - Luciente Dec 13, 2009 flag
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