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So at the end of lesson 3.10 in the write section you have this: 1. (Yo) (montar) en bicicleta por el país, pero no tengo bicicleta. 2. (Ella) (gustarse) un vaso de agua. 3. Después de trabajar, (ellos) (estar) cansados. 4. (Nosotros) (querer) bailar, pero tenemos miedo. 5. (Tú) (comprar) un perro, pero eres alérgico.

Is there such a thing as Gustarse? I thought it was just gustar?

  • Posted Dec 13, 2009
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"Gustarse" is wrong in your context. It should be "gustar", but anyway I find odd the sentence "A ella le gustaría un vaso de agua" (it sounds more natural "A ella le gustaría tomar un vaso de agua"). In any case, "gustarse" does exist, with reflexive meaning: "No me gusto con estos pelos", "No es que ella se guste, es que se adora".

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I think you're right, even though, I'm sure gustar could be used pronominally to express an impersonal "like" or something of that nature.

Did you look up the answer?

Did it use le or se or both?

A Ella le gustaría un vaso de agua. would be using an indirect object pronoun and not a reflexive pronoun.

Here is the answer given in the lesson.

  1. Le gustaría un vaso de agua.

No pronominal use of gustar was used, so I would say that the gustarse was just a mistake.

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